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Why is education important?Why is education important?
Duration: 3:23 Min
Views: 74148
Update: 2015-04-13 11:04:53
Education Filmed in Mannya, Uganda Executive Producer : Michael Trainer Directed by : Andrew Ellis : Jonathan Olinger Produced by : Jay Gunning : Trina Finn ...
10 reasons why education is important!10 reasons why education is important!
Duration: 2:5 Min
Views: 67638
Update: 2014-07-02 12:41:31
"I was born intelligent but education ruined me". Isn't this quotation really trendy? But we dare you to go through 10 reasons why education is important that ...
Suli Breaks - Why I Hate School But Love Education [Official Spoken Word Video]Suli Breaks - Why I Hate School But Love Education [Official Spoken Word Video]
Duration: 6:8 Min
Views: 8736164
Update: 2012-12-02 11:59:13
Get tickets to my LIVE SHOW at THE ROCK TOWER [LONDON] on 25th August: here: https://goo.gl/5iEGUW The Latest Spoken Word Video from Suli Breaks.
President Obama on the Importance of EducationPresident Obama on the Importance of Education
Duration: 2:10 Min
Views: 82930
Update: 2011-05-18 20:04:11
President Obama speaks about education, dedication and overcoming adversity in a commencement address at Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis ...
Duration: 6:1 Min
Views: 8626119
Update: 2016-09-26 14:00:02
THE PEOPLE VS THE SCHOOL SYSTEM How do YOU think we can create a better future of learning. Go here and share your thoughts on the topic!
All about Learning. Why is education important?All about Learning. Why is education important?
Duration: 2:20 Min
Views: 64958
Update: 2014-09-10 18:06:39
Education helps you to increase your self-awareness, go of what you are supposed to be and embrace who you really are. Learn the importance of education.
6 Problems with our School System6 Problems with our School System
Duration: 5:57 Min
Views: 2819460
Update: 2016-12-15 11:22:36
The traditional system of education was designed in the industrial age and is now outdated and ineffective. Learn about the 6 major problems with the system.
5 Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leader5 Reasons Why Finland Is A Global Education Leader
Duration: 5:6 Min
Views: 994807
Update: 2016-08-15 21:00:00
Highly respected and capable teachers, virtually no standardized tests and a strong social safety next help explain why Finland consistently rates among the ...
Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken RobinsonDo schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson
Duration: 20:4 Min
Views: 13730065
Update: 2007-01-07 05:00:34
Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.
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